Joel 2:25–”I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten….”

There he was, standing by the kitchen door, sweaty and red-faced, filthy from stained sandpaper, smelling of harsh stripping chemicals, and obviously frustrated. Three hours earlier my ambitious hubby had dug out of the corner of the garage two rejected pine chairs, dumpster-bound but not quite garbage yet. However, in his determination to restore them to their former glory, something went badly wrong.  The chemicals produced a gunked up mess! The longer he worked, the messier both he and the chairs became! You got it, they were now in the dumpster, and I was biting my lip to hold in the giggles.

“Maybe I should give up furniture refinishing,” he groaned. “ I don’t think it’s my specialty.”

I couldn’t help but think how different it is with God. Yes, there he was, in all his “glory,” not “able to leap tall buildings in a single bound,” but strong, and loving, and capable– my refinished, restored husband!
Many years ago his mother had prayed this verse in Joel regarding her very-far-from-God son. And since restoring people truly is God’s specialty, He fulfilled that promise! Reclaimed from years in the deep recesses of drugs’ trash heap, my man lived to begin and run a business, raise a wonderful family, and tell others how God had not only saved him through faith in Jesus Christ, but also “restored the years the swarming locust” had eaten.

“Father, thank you for your specialty, changing and restoring people! Keep working on me as I yield my days to you. Amen

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