Who Am I?

English Tea Cups

I love my tea cup collection and our home is known among friends as the place you go when you want to curl up in a soft chair with a hot cup of tea, and chat. But there’s a catch to this scenario- one never knows for sure where they will sip tea in my house.  I do have cozy little sitting areas in various places, but chances are, those spots have moved.

And that brings me to my undisputed, hands down trademark. Though I like to call it Decorating, my kids call it Maddening. My husband used to call it Annoying. But now, things are different. In His amazing providence, according to Romans 8:28, “God has worked all things for good and for His purpose.” But that’s jumping ahead a bit. So, what is my trademark? It is Moving Furniture!

Now, even though my friends think this is cool, God’s particular “working out” of this issue with Hubby did take awhile. For many years he would often assume he was coming in for a smooth landing after a hard day’s work, and then find himself standing in the front doorway, confused, the living room completely rearranged. I would then giddily show him two other rooms which were now used for entirely different purposes. He would then nod, shrug, and smile that better-accept-this-because-she’s-going-to-do-it-anyway smile. But he didn’t love it, especially the part where he had to help, and of course, the process took several revisions. The office was just fine where it was, thank you. And he didn’t love tripping over newly relocated furniture in the middle of the night, either.

Then one day 11 years ago, my long-suffering spouse did something that “moved” my habit (no pun intended) to a whole new level. He bought an investment property, complete with outbuildings and a Victorian-style house that was a bit larger than we needed. You’d have thought I won the lottery! Flea market finds now had a home in an oversized garage, until they found their new temporary perfect spot in the house. Over time, we transformed all the spaces, which used to be horse stables, into (voila!) apartments. Each time we finished building an apartment we got to decorate it! And each time I needed to use something from my house, it was just like, “When you give a mouse a cookie….” Well, that empty spot must be filled, so a massive domino-effect switcheroo would take place – or I should say, unplace. And on and on it went…. The quintessential “Helpmeet”– pretty amazing.

Surely there must be a trademark-worthy gene for Furniture Moving. Because I am assured beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if I never went to thrifts or yard sales, and didn’t have to “help” my husband with his new career, I would still move my furniture often. Tea parties are so much more fun in a new little corner, with a lamp brought from the other side of the house, and a friend to sit by its fresh new light. That’s what I think, anyway.


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